motherboards with a twist!

With Intel-based Windows NT work-stations surpassing the traditional Unix-based workstations either in performance or functionality, we at ARIMA COMPUTER CORP., see the need in the workstation and in the server market to emphasize on individual Validation and Qualification of our superbly designed mainboards.

We found RIOWORKS with the mission to provide high performance Intel-based workstation server mainboards with a commitment to offer our vendors a panoramic view of component costs and performances fitting for business infrastructure and application demands. In short, our goal is to provide transparent and objective compatibility and validity reports to our customers, so they can save valuable time and effort in this trial and error stage.

RIOWORKS founders are an eclectic group of industry experts (top engineers) from Intel, DEC, & Acer. With well over 10 years of Advance Server/Workstation Design experience, the system design group is dedicated to fulfill the need in the workstation market with a stronger emphasis on Validation and Qualification. Core R&D groups include Validation, System Design, and Software Design (with emphasis on Validation). Our team has a broad and strong connection with industry leaders such as Intel, Microsoft, and vendors for: Chassis,SPS, HDD, Graphics card and SCSI…) Most important of all, our superior management team with decades of rich industry experience coupled with the innovative R&D is the synergy for the future building block of RIOWORKS.

Strong Design Group

Well over ten years experience in high speed PCB and time-to-market design method.

Aggressive Validation Group

Performance tuning, management application, & ISV alliance.

Software Design Group
2.Operating System Test
3.Performance Measurement
1.Electrical Test
2.Environment Test
3.OS Stress Test

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