RioWorks™ HDAMA --- The Revolutionary Dual AMD® Opteron™ Processors Server Board


Taipei, Taiwan, April 22, 2003 - Arima® Computer Corp., the world's leading design and manufacturing company, today is proud to announce the first one to launch the Dual AMD® Opteron™ processors and AMD 8131™ and 8111™ chipsets server board---the RioWorks™ HDAMA. Arima is ready to deliver the HDAMA in mass production volume to the channel as the same time as AMD debuts its Opteron, which is for multi-way enterprise-class processor for servers and workstations. Arima becomes the first one manufacturer to provide the dual AMD Opteron processors server solution.

Base on the AMD Opteron processors, the HDAMA can simplify business transition and minimize integration complexity by offering simultaneous 32- and 64-bit high performance computing. The AMD Opteron can easily transit to 64-bit technology at users' desire pace without sacrificing 32-bit performance, and provide a seamless integration with 64-bit application. Moreover, with the AMD HyperTransport? technology, which is designed to reduce system bottlenecks and enable to use system memory more efficiently in high-end multiprocessor systems, the HDAMA provides significantly more bandwidth than current technologies, appear transparent to operating systems and have little impact on total performance.

Another important highlight of the HDAMA is to support up to 16GB DDR333 registered memory by adding eight memory DIMM slots. The AMD Opteron integrates a DDR memory controller into the processor, revolutionize the way processors access main memory. An integrated memory controller can greatly increase bandwidth, and be directly available to the processor at significantly reduced latencies. The performance is more spectacular in multiprocessing environment, because each additional processor has its own memory controller and can scale up overall memory bandwidth. The HDAMA is the only server board to provide eight memory DIMMs to demonstrate the amazing capability of the AMD Opteron integrated DDR DRAM memory controller.

Charles Chen, business development manager of AMD, made this statement, "the AMD Opteron processor is allowed business to grow into 64-bit computing at their own pace by delivering outstanding performance on 32- and 64-bit applications, and can scale up available memory bandwidth with the number of processors added. The RioWorks? HDAMA is the perfect server board to display all the wonderful features of Opteron processor, users can enjoy all the new technologies developed by AMD when they adopt the HDAMA in their systems." HB Lin, the R&D Assistant VP of Arima Server Team also expressed his opinions about the HDAMA, "This is RioWorks first project to work with AMD and adopt its technologies in our server board design. This is a new challenge for us, and we are glad to say that we did a wonderful job and deliver a fabulous product. The HDAMA not only displays all the wonderful features from the AMD Opteron, but also distinguishes our superior R&D design ability in server field."

The HDAMA other features also include dual PCI-X slots for flexible expansion and performance upgrade; dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers for fault-tolerance and fail-over; integrated next generation storage interface Serial ATA support with Software RAID 0, 1 or 10; and BMC (Base-board Management Controller) module support. The HDAMA is also available for rack mount solution, RioWorks has 1U rack mount product ready with the HDAMA board inside. "Customers will recognize RioWorks is a remarkable server solution provider when they choose the HDAMA." Stated by Shelley Chang, manager of Server Product Management. "We have received wonderful feedback from our customers when they test the HDAMA, they are all amazed by AMD new technologies, and wonderful designed job done by RioWorks. We are capable to deliver a good product on time when the new technology is ready."

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