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Taipei, Taiwan, May 27, 2002 - Arima Computer Corp., the world's leading original, design, and contracted manufacturer, today announced the new release of the 2U server - R5212, this 2U server supports dual Inte® Xeon™ CPU and Inte® E7500 Chipset. With industry standard 19" server rack, high-performance and ultimate reliability and scalability, R5212 is the best choice for space conscious front-end networking environment.

The new breakthrough of R5212 is incorporating dual Intel Xeon CPU and Intel E7500 Chipset. The Intel Xeon processor introduces the multithreading design techniques of Hyper-Threading technology. This innovation allows an operating system to view a single CPU as if it were two, significantly increasing server response time, transaction and workload performance. The Intel E7500 Chipset supports DDR memory technology and is optimized for the Intel Xeon processor. This new chipset can accelerate memory access to increase platform performance and deliver new levels of performance for I/O intensive server applications. The key specifications of R5212 are including supporting a dual Intel Xeon CPU up to 2.2 GHz, 400MHz FSB, DDR-200 SDRAM expandable up to 12GB, dual Adaptec SCSI channels for bandwidth up to 320MB, built-in ATI RageXL video controller with 8MB memory, Intel Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet LAN controllers, one riser card with three PCI-X expansion and 6 hot-swap SCSI HDD bays.

HB Lin, Assistant Vice President said, "R5212 combines with dual Intel Xeon CPU, compliant VRM 9.1, and up to 12GB memory support, built-in riser card with three PCI-X expansion, and Gigabit Ethernet controllers, the product specification is very outstanding and competitive."

Besides delivering satisfactions of the speed and quality of multitasking capabilities, and space saving in the hardware, R5212 is bundled with BMC (Base-board Management Controller) and RioWorks SmartWatch to support efficient system management. The software allows the system administrator to monitor the status of the motherboard, CPU, fans, memory, hard disk, system temperature, and power voltages significantly simple and less time consuming. When the critical situation occurs, the administrator can receive the notice in no time through the E-mail box, SNMP trap or Event Log set up. Also with the set up of the Event Log, when the system temperature is too high, the management software will automatically command the system to stop, restart or shut down; and when the system is crashed, the software enables the system automatically restart, and the server can back to function normally in the shortest time. These superior system management functions let R5212 beyond the general 2U server in the market, and create a fast and stable working platform.

Jimmy Hua, Senior Server Manager said, "Through the use of R5212 combing with Intel's technology, customers can achieve near zero downtime, superior application availability and unmatched business continuity by networking multiple processing together. The further strength the relationship with Intel and to utilize Intel's technology is one of key initiatives for the Arima Server Team. We are enjoying working with Intel, and we truly believe with this new server solution sales will be a blast."

The R5212 had displayed in Intel IDF and Taipei Asia and have received great comments about the product performance. The R5212 is ideal for users who are looking to improve the number of Web transactions with maximum spacing saving, the system moves beyond the traditional rackmount server to provide customers superior total cost of ownership, rapid return on investment and time-tested technology.

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