Arima Group Inc. Announces LV300, A mid-range Dual INTEL® Xeon Processors Based Motherboard With E7320 Chipset and Serial ATA 2

Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C., September 2, 2004 - Arima Computer Corp. today announced the LV300 motherboard and barebone system products for the Intel® Xeon processors as the latest in a series of Arima server products that provide cost effective yet powerful solutions to server systems.

Arima Computer Corp. is a leading global provider of product design and manufacturing services for IT and consumer electronics products, as well as product delivery and after-the-sale product service. Our services help you lower your development costs, build better products, get them to market ahead of your competitors and increase your profitability.

LV300 is a 64-bit/32-bit (Intel® EM64T) operating system compatible server motherboard designed specifically for the Intel® Xeon family of processors. It supports all Xeon processors current and forthcoming, with Front Side Bus that blazes at the speed of 800MHz and with DDR333 memory bus.

LV300 runs state of the art E7320 chipsets that provide seamless integration with Intel® Xeon processors running at 800MHz and enhanced memory bus that outputs at faster rate than ever before. LV300 supports up to 12 GB DDR 333 registered memory using dual channel memory bus in the space of 6 184-pin DIMM slots that achieves a fine balance of spacing saving and memory power.

LV300 is designed with a far outlook that anticipates the growing use of Serial ATA 2 drives. It uses an innovative design to support up to 8 SATA-2 ports, a feature not found in any other motherboards, providing the coveted hot plug feature and yet stays backward compatible with SATA-1.

LV300 supports 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports to provide for teaming with load balancing and fail over, making it the ideal motherboard for a firewall system or any system that operates in a highly dynamic and highly available computing environment.

LV300 comes with various combinations of manufacturing options that allow it to fit 1U system. This flexibility also eliminates the hassles of testing a number of boards for qualification. All these benefits come at only a tiny to zero cost to the customer.

“Nowadays the technologies have gone so far such that a system put together with different vendors cannot achieve the best configuration. But with in-house optimization that Arima provides, due to the flexibility designed into the motherboard, we can get the most out of every component in the system. With this motherboard Arima can provide total solution for Xeon server systems. We can provide barebone systems in 1U and with BMC system management solution”said Jim Fang, President of Arima Computer Corp.

Other features that make LV300 a most effective choice included : 3 independent PCI-X/PCI buses, Two 64-bit 133/100/66MHz (3.3V) PCI-X slots, PXE option ROM solution, National Semiconductor Super I/O PC87360 chip, and Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) system management solution.

LV300 maximizes resources while minimizes integration complexity and eliminates qualification hassles. It simplifies business transitions and provides transparency to operating systems. It is the best choice for a cost effective solution in the Xeon server arena. Arima plans to start production of LV300 in third quarter of 2004. Shipping of LV300 in a motherboard, 1U barebone system will come shortly after that.

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Arima is a leading global provider of product design and manufacturing services for IT and consumer electronics products, as well as product delivery and after-the-sale product service. Since 1987, Arima has continually invested in new and emerging technologies all the while producing quality products that remain at the forefront of innovation. Global headquarter ( is in Taiwan and North America headquarter ( is in the Silicon Valley. Arima has manufacturing service and R&D facilities in Taiwan, China, Europe and North America. Information on the RioWorks™ server products is available at:

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