Rioworks™ PDPEA --- The Reliable Building Block

RioWorks™ PDPEA --- The High-End Performance Workstation

Taipei, Taiwan, November 18, 2002 - Arima Computer Corp., the world' leading original, design, and contracted manufacturer, today announced the launch of dual Xeon™ processors (Prestonia 533) and E7505 chipset mainboard--- RioWorks™ PDPEA. PDPEA is released at the same time as Intel® debuts its latest E7505 chipset, which Intel® describes as a high-performance chipset designed for the next generation workstation. Arima is the first manufacturer to deliver the workstation mainboard based on Intel® dual Xeon™ processors and E7505 chipset to the market at production volume.

PDPEA scales up the workstation performance by supporting dual Xeon™ FSB533 processors and E7505 chipset. By leveraging Intel® Hyper-Threading technology and new chipset, PDPEA provides the most powerful platform to satisfy today's needs on highly integrated performance workstation. Moreover, the additional features include one AGP 8X slot and supporting USB 2.0. AGP 8X is the next generation VGA interface specification to enable enhanced graphics performance with high bandwidth, and adding one AGP 8X slot can support an advanced 3D graphic card to fulfill the high quality graphic demands. USB 2.0 is the latest connectivity standard for next generation components and peripherals. It features transfer speeds of up to 480Mb/s and is backwards-compatible supporting all the USB devices of today and tomorrow.

Besides as a distinguished performance workstation, PDPEA is also price competitive comparing other dual Xeon™ processors solutions. "Customers are looking for solutions not only can provide outstanding performance," stated Shelley Chang, manager of Server Product Management, "but also with low cost. PDPEA is a cost-effective solution for budget-constrained IT managers to upgrade their systems."

Other than that, PDPEA provides dual PCI-X buses for excellent business expansion and performance capability. With 4 DDR266 memory DIMM slots, PDPEA offers maximum 8GB memory capability to increase interactivity for faster insight, applications and workloads demanding large memory can get a boost in performance. Designed for business mission oriented system, PDPEA is integrated with Gigabit Ethernet controllers and Promise's ATA 133 IDE RAID on board. Gigabit Ethernet is the latest and more powerful LAN function, and the dual channel ATA 133 IDE RAID can dramatically increase the overall system performance on data transmission. The driver planning of RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 10 can ensure the system with more performance and security.


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