Entry-level workstation/server motherboard accepting either single or dual processors based on the powerful Intel Pentium II/III processor. The PDB races up to speeds of 600+MHz and is designed around the Intel 440BX AGP set. The PDB features the Wake-On-LAN Header Onboard.

  • Dual Slot 1 for Intel Pentium II Processor 300MHz~450MHz or Pentium III Processor 450MHz~600+MHz
  • CPU Built-in 512K L2 Cache
  • Intel 100MHz 440BX AGPset with PIIX4E South Bridge
AGP Connector
  • Accelerated Graphics Port Connector Supports AGP66MHz / 133MHz 3.3V Device
System Bus
  • Intel 440BX AGPset Supports 100MHz Front Side bus
System Memory
  • Four 168-pin DIMMs Support 8MB to 1024GB 100MHz PC100 SDRAM ECC
  • Wake-On-LAN Header Onboard
On Board I/O
  • 1 Floppy Port (up to 2.88MB, 3 Mode Floppy Supported & LS-120) 2 Serial Ports, 1 Parallel Port (ECP, EPP Port )2 USB, 1 PS/2 Mouse, 1 PS/2 Keyboard
On Board PCI IDE
  • Dual Ultra DMA/33 IDE Ports Supports Greater Than 8.4GB HDD, ATAPI IDE CDROM & LS-120
Expansion Slots
  • 4 x 32-bit PCI slots, 1 x 32-bit AGP slot, 1 x 16-bit ISA slots,1 x PCI/ISA shared slot
Enhanced ACPI BIOS
  • AMI AGP BIOS with Enhanced ACPI Feature for PC98/ Win98 Compliance Anti Boot Virus, PnP BIOS in 2M-bit Flash EEPROM, Adaptec Ultra2 SCSI
Keyboard Power
  • On Supports Keyboard Power On Feature with ATX Power
Other Features
  • Onboard Creative SB-Link Header, Hardware Monitor,USB Ports
  • ATX Form Factor with size: 9.6"x 12"

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