Your main source for technical support is the place where you made you purchase, because they will have the most current information. You can take your system in to them to have it serviced properly.

If your place of purchase is unable to help you, your next source of technical support is through the RIOWORKS Web site www.rioworks.com. This web site will list Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which provide solutions to most of your problems. If you are still not able to obtain the solution you need, you may contact/send E-mail to [email protected] directly. Please understand that we are selling through distribution channels and don have the resources to help every end-user. Our ability to respond quickly is limited. We apologize for any delay you may experience. However, we will try our best to help every incoming inquiry to make sure you are always happy with RIOWORKS products. Please DO NOT send the same inquiry more than once since this will slow down our overall responsiveness and may delay our response to your inquiry.

RIOWORKS maintains a one-year warranty directly through its distributors on all of its products unless otherwise indicated. This warranty becomes effective on the date of purchase. Warranty, service, and repair are honored and carried out through the appropriate distribution channel, which covers defects on all parts and labor.

Any warranty covering your RIOWORKS product is provided to you by your point of purchase. All warranty requests on products NOT purchased directly from RIOWORKS should not be directed to RIOWORKS, but should instead be presented to your point of purchase.

If your vendor purchased through the authorized channels, they are equipped to handle the full RIOWORKS warranty. They can service your warranty needs directly. If an OEM built your system, please address your issue with that OEM for resolution. Before you purchase an RIOWORKS product please verify these terms at your place of purchase.

RIOWORKS only issues Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) through our direct distribution channels. You, as an end-user, shall approach your reseller for defects repair. Technical Support Procedures:

1.Ask your place of purchase for technical support.
2.Browse through FAQ listed in www.rioworks.com/support/faq/faq.htm
3.Fill out the configuration file - www.rioworks.com/support/configuration/configuration.htm

about your system and describe your problem in details.

Send to [email protected] for technical help. Thank you for visiting us. Only a portion of the site is complete, but please tour around and offer us any comments or suggestions you may have. Please email us at [email protected]


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