Dual SCSI Ultra3 (320MB/s) connections



SCQ-U3 supports dual channel Ultra3 SCSI functionality with two 68 pin (female) and one 50 pin (male) plus one external 68 pin shielded female connectors. The on chip RISC processor provides this SCQ-U3 a fully autonomous device, capable of managing multiple I/O operations and associated data transfers from start to finish without host CPU intervention.

SCSI chip
  • QLogic ISP12160A Intelligent, Dual SCSI processors
  • Chip embedded RISC processor to execute operations at the I/O control-block level from the system main memory
Ultra3 feature set
  • Double Transition Clocking (160MB/s)
  • Cyclical Redundancy Check
  • Domain Validation
I/O Bus
  • 64bit/66MHz intelligent PCI bus master device for the maximum transfer rate of 528MB/s over the PCI bus
  • Supports PCI dual-address cycle (64-bit memory addressing/64-bit DMA)
  • Active, Software controlled
LED indictor
  • One 4 pin LED connector
SCSI features
  • Supports dual channels Ultra3 (160MHz)
  • Backward compatible with both Single Ended and Low Voltage Differential SCSI devices
  • Two internal 68 pin female and one 50 pin male connectors
  • One external 68 pin shielded female connector
  • Works with existing Ultra2 cable and connector for the Ultra3 operations
  • One 68 pin Ultra 2 cable with 4 heads
  • One 50 pin SCSI cable
  • One 4 pin LED cable
  • Drivers disks
  • User guide
  • Supports ACP 1.0 for PC98 ad PC99
Driver/Operation System suppport
  • Win95/98/2000, Windows NT, Novell Netware, Unixware, OS/2 Warp, Solaris X86, Linux

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