Performance Density SDVIA-100 Server



SDVIA-100, a dual processor motherboard of Pentium III Coppermine (FC-PGA), provides the powerful platform to satisfy today's needs on highly integrated workstation or entry's server. With the latest AGP PRO slot, users can enjoy the most advanced/ high-end graphic cards with ease. The Adaptec 7892 Ultra3 SCSI controller chip on doard will boost up the data transfer rate up to 160MB per second. To sum up, SDVIA delivers high performance and true workstation/server functionality at affordable price range.

  • Dual socket 370 solution for Intel PentimIII Coppermine FC-PGA (133/100MHz FSB) or single Celeron FC-PGA CPU (66 MHz FSB)
  • Integrated VRM complies to spec 8.4
  • VIA Apollo Pro 133A with 686B south bridge
System BIOS
  • Award BIOS on 2 Mb flash
  • I2O, support Legacy USB support
  • MP 1.1 & 1.4 compliant
  • SMBIOS 2.3 compliant
  • DMI 2.0 compliant
  • Wire for Management 2.0/Wake On LAN
  • APM 1.2/ACPI 1.0
  • LS-120, limega zip support
  • MO, DVD and CD-ROOM support
  • Soft Power-down
  • Multiple boot support
  • Advanced IDE (supports bigger than 8GB HDD with S.M.A.R.T.) features
  • Y2K compliant Auto reset after over clocking
Expansion Slots
  • 6xPCI, 1xAGP Pro
Onboard Multi I/O
  • Two 9-Pin Serial Ports with UART
  • One parallel port with ECP/EPP Support
  • Dual on board USB connectors
  • PS/2 Keyboard and mouse connectors with wake-up function
  • One LAN port
System Memory
  • Four DIMM slots up to 2GB ECC system memory
  • PC100/133 SDRAM specification Compliant
  • Ultra DMA 33/66/100 EIDE
Onboard Multi I/O
  • Winbond super I/O with hardware monitor
  • Two serial ports with UART 16550
  • One parallel port with ECP/EPP support
  • Dual onboard USB connectors
  • PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors with Wake-up function
  • 66/100/133 MHz FSB
  • AGP Pro
  • 100/133 MHZ system memory bus
  • Ultra DMA 33/66/100 EIDE
Board Size
  • ATX form factor with size: 12"x9.6"

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